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Yami Yami Neji

Yami Yami Neji (ヤミヤミネジ) is the Voca Neji from Hazama Yamio.


Yami (闇) is Japanese for darkness.

Voca Words

1ダークパワァー! (Dāku Pawā)Dark Power!
2悪魔だ! (Akuma da!)Demon!
3闇の力がヤミませーん! (Yami no chikara ga yamimasen!)The power of darkness cannot be stopped!


ComboVoca NejiAppearanceDetails
Yami Combo
(ヤミコンボ, "Dark Combo")
Yami Yami Neji
Yami Yami Neji
Yami Yami Neji
Episode 31 This combo is powerful enough to shatter the Voca Battle arena, Neji King noting that it caused all memories, dimensions, and existence to become a mess.

Anime History

The Yami Yami Neji existed for a long time, absorbing dark power from the negative feelings of its owners, like Nejiraybow, Talbert, Byou, and Dr. Nejily. In episode 31, Yamio believes that he absorbed enough enejy and it is time for his Innejictus plan to start, but it has less enejy than he thought due to Sugo Sugoindā Neji's interference. When Nejiru obtains the Yami Yami Neji, Yamio warns him that its owner must pass by a trial, and a dark version of Nejiru appears to face him. However, the two become good friends.