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Heybot, the main Voca Bot in the series

Voca Bot (ボキャボット Bokyabotto) is a type of robot in Heybot!. The vocabulary from a Voca Bot changes depending of the Voca Nejis inserted on its head. A few also contain a "Neji Tama" (ネジ魂, "Screw Soul") in their abdomen that gives them life.


Eto Voca Bots

Eto Voca Bots

Eto Voca Bots

Eto Voca Bot (エトボキャボット) is a Voca Bot with an Eto Neji, a special Voca Neji. Heybot can combine with Eto Voca Bots. Eto (干支) means the Chinese sexagenary cycle, and the Eto Voca Bots are based on the Chinese zodiac.

Roboca Bots

Roboca Bot (ロボキャボット Robokyabotto) are Voca Bots created by Dr. Nejily. They only appeared in the game Heybot! Hebo Hebo! Heybotournament! and in episode 31.

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