Sugo Sugoindā Neji

This article is about the character. For Voca Neji details, see DX Sugo Sugoindā Neji.

Sugo Sugoindā Neji (スゴスゴインダーネジ) is a red rocket-like Voca Neji that has will. He first appeared on episode 29 and is voiced by Chiaki Takahashi. He has a carefree personality and has the habit of saying "iin dayo" (roughly "it's fine") and affirm everything, contrasting Chigiru. He uses "sugo" as a singular first person pronoum and adds "dayo" to the end of his phrases.

He is an unique Voca Neji that can't be copied, considered a deluxe item sought by many due to his great powers. His abilities include high speed flight, a powerful laser, a protective barrier, and time travel. When inserted on a Voca Bot, he can significantly raise the Voca Bot's level. He has a light on his abdomen that reacts to awesomeness.

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