Heybot Voca Battle Pencil

Three sets of Heybot! Voca Battle Pencils

Heybot! Voca Battle Pencil (ヘボット! ボキャバトルえんぴつ Hebotto! Bokya Batoru Enpitsu) is a Heybot! themed battle pencil game released by Sun-Star Stationary in Japan. Similar to Voca Battles, each player uses a pencil like a Voca Neji and attempt to make the best combo by rolling the pencil.

Similar pencils appeared in episode 31, where Heybot obtained a certain victory pencil from Robo Jaku and used it to win a match against Robo Giri. Unlike the real pencils, each side of the pencil has a combo level instead of a Voca Neji.