Dr Nejily

Dr. Nejily

Doctor Nejily

Dr. Nejily groveling

Dr. Nejily (Dr.ネジリー Dokutā Nejirī) is a genius scientist that created the Roboca Bots. He has the same appearance of Nejiru when he appears as an old man in the world of delusions.

Using the power of the Yami Yami Neji, Dr. Nejily and his Roboca Bots managed to leave the game world and attack Neji Island in episode 31. The reason behind this attack is that his robots only appeared in the game Heybot! Hebo Hebo! Heybotournament! and wanted to appear in the Heybot! anime, being jealous of Heybot as he would appear anyway due to being the protagonist and they would be forgotten. After achieving an appearance, Dr. Nejily's robots return to the game and the doctor agrees to give the Yami Yami Neji to Nejiru, but is suddenly possessed by Hazama Yamio. He returns to normal after Yamio is defeated by Dark Nejiru.


  • Dr. Nejily is based on Dr. Wily, the antagonist from the original Mega Man series.