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Chigiru Chigīru (チギル・チギール) is a character voiced by Tomoaki Maeno. He is the older brother of Nejiru and the partner of Peket, the two being known as the "Peke Chigi Kombi" (ペケチギコンビ). He uses "wai" as a singular first person pronoum. He left Neji Island on a training journey to improve his gags, later returning to the island with Peket. He became very good at Tsukkomi and is very confident, being ruthless when criticizing low level gags. If his confidence is shaken or he eats Imochin, his personality and appearance change into a timid character that uses "boki" as a singular first person pronoum.

Chigiru (Timid)

Chigiru when timid